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Netflix releases teasers and trailers; here’s the list of upcoming shows



Netflix, a platform of great shows and series has arrived with teasers and trailers of various upcoming shows. A number of shows are on the list for which the fans were eagerly waiting. Some of the upcoming shows that are coming are listed below:


The Sandman

This highly anticipated adaptation of the comic series The Sandman will premiere on the OTT platform on August 5. Morpheus, the king of dreams is trapped and imprisoned by a cult. The teaser has given an idea about the show and its tone of it.


Resident Evil

The platform has released a trailer for the Resident Evil series, which features several monsters from the first game. The trailer follows the life of Jade and Billie Wesker, before and after their zombie apocalypse. The show will be available from July 14 for the viewers.


All of Us Are Dead Season 2

The platform has confirmed the release of Korean zombie-apocalypse, All of Us Are Dead. The series will soon be returning with the second season show. Created by Chun Sung-li, Kim Nam-su, and Lee Jae-kyoo and is based on the webtoon named Now at Our School by Joo Don-geun.



The film Jaadugar got its trailer released. Jitendra Kumar is leading the film and the teaser includes the first look of the actor. The actor is giving a magician vibe in the teaser with his magic wand, mustache, and hat.
The film is directed and written by Sameer Saxena and Biswapati Sarkar respectively. The show will be available to watch from July 15.


Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

The latest horror by Guillermo Del Toro titled Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities got its teaser released. The series will feature actors like Eric Andre, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Sofia Boutella, Charlyne Yi, and Kate Micucci among others.



Netflix is ready with the first trailer of its German series, 1899. The trailer follows a group of immigrants (European) who find a ship drifting in the middle of an ocean which marks the start of the horror.


Warrior Nun Season 2

Netflix’s fantasy drama Warrior Nun will get the premiere of Season 2 this winter. The action-packed trailer of the show has been released by Netflix which catches up on the story so far. Based on a popular comic series, Warrior Nun Areala by Ben Dunn, it has been a cliffhanger for fans for the past two years.

Let’s keep our zeal high and our fingers crossed to get some amazing pieces of content with every release.


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