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Netflix’s Upcoming Releases: From Power Rangers to Sweet Tooth, Netflix is there to entertain you this April 



April is shaping up to be an exciting month for entertainment enthusiasts, with several major Netflix upcoming releases scheduled. April is set to be an exciting month for Netflix fans as the streaming platform is poised to release a slew of highly anticipated movies and series. From drama comedies to romance and even erotic thrillers, the April lineup promises to cater to diverse interests. With a wide array of genres to choose from, viewers can expect a colorful entertainment option this month. Don’t miss out on the excitement as Netflix raises the bar with its impressive lineup of new releases. 

Among the upcoming releases, some of the most exciting ones include: 



Get ready to add another must-watch show to your list, as Netflix prepares to drop the highly anticipated dark comedy, “Beef”, starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun. With a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this series promises to be a hit. The plot centers around two strangers whose lives are forever changed after a road rage incident. Over the course of 10 episodes, viewers will be taken on a wild ride as they witness the unexpected aftermath of this chance encounter. 

With a talented cast and crew, including executive producer Lee Sung Jin, “Beef” is poised to be a standout addition to Netflix’s original content. From the hilarious Ali Wong to the acclaimed Steven Yeun, the series is sure to leave audiences entertained every minute. Be sure to mark your calendars for its release, and get ready for the exciting new shows. 



The highly anticipated new series, Obsession is set to release on April 13th. The new series dives into the taboo theme of forbidden love. The show presents a tantalizing story of desire and obsession, revolving around a steamy romance between a man’s fiancé and his own father. Viewers can expect to witness how the characters navigate their feelings while struggling with their moral and ethical boundaries in the episodes. 

With its unique and provocative storyline, the show promises to add a layer of spice to the age-old love triangle trope. Starring a talented cast, including Lily James and Sebastian Stan, the show is sure to make a splash and spark conversations.  


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once and Always 

The upcoming Power Rangers is set for a global release on April 19th, 2023. The movie promises to offer fans a nostalgic treat for power rangers fans across the globe. The platform will release a new special that brings back many of the original Power Rangers who will reprise their roles after decades. 

David Yost, Walter Jones, Steve Cardenas, Catherine Sutherland, Karan Ashley, and Johnny Yong Bosch will reprise their roles as Power Rangers as they confront their arch-nemesis Rita Repulsa, played by Barbara Goodson. This exciting reunion of some of the original cast members offers fans a chance to relive some of the magic that made the franchise so beloved, while also introducing a new generation of viewers to the iconic Power Rangers. 


Indian Matchmaking Season 3 

Fans of the hit series Indian Matchmaker can look forward to the show’s highly anticipated third season on April 21. The series promises to be just as entertaining as the previously released seasons. It follows the adventures of Sima Taparia, a traditional matchmaker who uses her time-honored tactics to help singles find love across the globe. 

In the upcoming season, Sima will travel to Miami, New York, London, and New Delhi to aid her clients in their search for romance. The series has been praised for its engaging storytelling and its ability to offer a glimpse into different cultures and traditions. Viewers can expect the same level of excitement and intrigue in the third season. This is all due to the protagonist’s expert matchmaking skills to navigate the complicated world of love and relationships. 


Sweet Tooth 2 

The highly anticipated second installment of the critically acclaimed Sweet Tooth series is set to release on Netflix on April 27. Showrunner Jim Mickle and executive producers Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey, Amanda Burrell, Evan Moore, and Linda Moran return with a captivating storyline. 

The series takes place in a world ravaged by a contagious virus that has wiped out much of the human population. The story follows the adventures of a young half-human, half-deer hybrid, who must navigate a dangerous world filled with both friends and foes. With stunning visuals and compelling performances, the Emmy-winning series promises to deliver more excitement and adventure than ever before. Fans can look forward to an unforgettable journey as they join Gus on his quest to find the strength, he needs to protect his newfound family.  


Firefly Lane 

In addition to the highly anticipated conclusion of Firefly Lane, Netflix will also be dropping the final episodes of Better Call Saul and Workin’ Moms this April. Fans of Bob Odenkirk’s critically acclaimed drama can catch up on the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul, which aired on AMC last year, while Canadian viewers will finally be able to see the seventh and final season of Workin’ Moms. 

As these beloved shows come to an end, viewers can expect a mix of nostalgia and excitement, as they say, goodbye to their favorite characters and stories. Despite the bittersweet nature of these final episodes, Netflix has proven time and time again that they know how to create engaging and addictive content, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating what’s next. 


With an impressive lineup of new movies and series, Netflix is all set to keep viewers glued to their screens throughout the month of April. From highly anticipated sequels and final seasons to steamy dramas and comedies, there is something for everyone. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for a binge-watch session like never before! 


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