BES Concludes With A Vision To Build A Future-Ready Ecosystem



BES Expo 2023, the three-day international conference and exhibition on broadcast and media technology. The expo has concluded with a thought to build a blueprint for broadcasters to meet the challenges posed by OTT and digital platforms that are bringing rapid change in the broadcasting sphere. 

About Broadcast Engineering Society (BES)

The Broadcast Engineering Society (India) is the largest society of broadcast engineers in the country. Established in 1987 with the aim of sharing knowledge on Radio and TV broadcasting among engineers and scientists in India. The Society actively promotes education, research, and training in broadcast engineering. This is in line with its objective of advancing the field and fostering growth in the industry.

About The BES Expo 2023 

During the BES 2023, over 40 national and international exhibitors presented the latest and most innovative broadcast technologies. This will be contributing to Society’s goal of sharing knowledge on Radio and TV broadcasting among engineers and scientists in India. The event served as an excellent platform to showcase new and emerging technologies. It enables BES to further its objective of disseminating knowledge and advancing the field of broadcast engineering in the country. Experts across the globe discussed emerging technologies and changes happening in the broadcasting sphere at the Expo held from February 16-18 at Pragati Maidan in Delhi.

Mr. Sunil, President of BES and ADG-Technology, Prasar Bharati, emphasized the importance of remaining future-ready in his welcome address at the BES Expo 2023. The event concluded with a vision to create a roadmap for broadcasters to overcome the challenges posed by rapidly evolving OTT and digital platforms. This year’s BES Expo and Conference focused on 5G and OTT technologies, which are driving a paradigm shift in broadcasting.

Mr. Sunil also opined that the next challenge is the content. The shift from analog to digital has opened many opportunities. He also added that the present-day consumer is consuming more digital content regularly on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices. Moreover, he also added that broadcasters are recognizing this change to stay in the business, and for this, the business models have to be changed.

In an inaugural address, Apurva Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of I&B, opined that Prasar Bharati should have its own OTT platform as it has archival content that can serve its audience. 

According to the Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, despite a large number of FM radio stations, the service currently covers only 60 percent of the country. To address this issue and expand the reach of Prasar Bharati, including in remote areas, the government has allocated Rs. 2,500 crores over a four-year period to the Broadcasting Infrastructure and Network Development (BIND) Scheme. 

During the BES Expo 2023, the Secretary of the Ministry of Communication, Mr. K Rajaraman, spoke about the significance of the spectrum as a natural and limited resource. He addressed a global audience of broadcast engineers on the third day of the event. Mr. Rajaraman also mentioned that the technology development fund currently stands at 500 Crore. He further expressed his belief that if the Ministries of MIB, MEITY, and the Ministry of Communication collaborate, there is potential for significant innovation and growth in the media industry.



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