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Contribution Of Rs. 6800 Crores To The Indian GDP By Youtubers




As per the recent report published by Oxford Economics, content creators on Youtube contributed Rs.6800 crores to the GDP of the country in 2020. Here the money is created through the content uploaded over the platform. It is powered by the creativity of the creator. 

According to the report provided by Oxford Economics, Youtubers help create around 6.83 Lakh. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Instagram including others have also allocated funds to pay the creators of Youtube. These platforms can earn through subscriptions, revenues, brand collaborations, and NFTs. Other than the creators and the people over the screen, there are plenty of opportunities generating for editors, videographers, animators, designers, and other technicians also got the opportunity to earn and grow with the platform. 

Nirmala Sitharaman, the current finance minister also mentioned it in her budget speech about the need for appreciation and promotion of creativity. She also pointed out the need for the AVGC promotion task force to meet global demands and fulfill market needs.


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