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High churn rates of Indian OTT subscription: Omdia report



The Indian pay-TVs and OTT platforms are experiencing huge churn rates. According to Omdia, a London-based company, these platforms are finding it challenging to get customers again or retain them. The survey also noted that churners end up resubscribing the platform within a year.

According to the survey, poor user experience is a core point for Indian pay-TV subscription churn, while the content is the core reason for online subscriptions churn.

The churn rates for Indian subscription is high compared to other markets. Moreover, most video services in India had a 10% churn rate annually as of November last year. As of the study, India has average rates of resubscription above the rates of churn.

The survey highlighted that over 40% of online consumers are aged 18–24, 30% consumed by 25–34 aged people, and 16% consumed by 35–44 year age group. This suggests that video services across different sectors have equal appeal to different age groups.


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