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Netflix launches customizable subtitles and captions for TV to expand accessibility



Netflix has recently introduced a series of new features that allow users customization of subtitles on their platform. With these latest features, viewers will be able to modify the style and size of the text. Moreover, users will be able to toggle between small, medium, and large font sizes, providing greater flexibility in viewing.

It is indeed a significant step towards improving the accessibility and inclusivity of their platform. The ability to customize subtitles can greatly benefit people with visual impairments or reading difficulties. Moreover, it will also help viewers who struggle to understand accents or foreign languages. By offering a range of font sizes and styles, Netflix is catering to a diverse range of viewers and their individual needs.

It demonstrates Netflix’s commitment to enhancing the user experience on its platform. Personalizing subtitles and closed captions is a significant improvement to benefit users. With these new features, Netflix continues to set the standard for accessible and inclusive streaming services.

Previously, the feature was only available to web users. And with this step, Netflix expanded the availability of subtitle customization features to include TV users across the globe. The move to expand the feature comes in response to the steady rise in TV viewerships. This will be in response to the report 2018 showing 70 percent of its viewers accessed content via TV.

By making the customization feature available to TV users, Netflix is enhancing the accessibility and inclusivity of its platform.

This expansion of the subtitle customization feature shows the company’s commitment to providing an accessible and enjoyable streaming experience to all. It will bring accessibility benefits to viewers with hearing impairments and auditory processing disorders. Furthermore, the customization feature can also benefit viewers with cognitive disorders by improving their focus and comprehension. The enhanced text of subtitles and closed captions can make it easier for these viewers to follow the dialogue and understand the storyline. By providing a range of customization options, Netflix is empowering viewers with different needs and preferences.

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