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Reliance Jio offers free subscriptions to OTT platforms; Including Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and others



Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio, one of the major telecom services providers has come up with new and exciting offers for its users. The company with its various available plans is offering subscriptions to the major OTT players for free. The platforms include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar. To get access to the free OTT subscriptions, users are required to recharge their network with its available special plans.

Prepaid and postpaid offers

The offers will be available for both prepaid and postpaid plans. The prepaid plans are of two segments that offer free Disney+ Hotstar subscriptions for a year. The basic first plan costs Rs. 1499 and has unlimited calls, 2 GB cellular data, and 100 SMS per day with a validity of 84 days. The second plan costs Rs. 4,199 that offers unlimited calls, 3 GB of cellular data, and 100 SMS per day.

Moreover, the postpaid service provided by Jio has three different offers which have access to both Netflix and Amazon Prime. The first plan costs Rs. 799 offering unlimited calls, 150 GB of data, and unlimited messages per day. The second plan offers all the previous benefits with 200 GB of data per month and costs Rs. 999 per month. The last plan is priced at Rs. 1499 which offers a subscription to both streaming platforms. Besides the availability of the OTT platforms for free, all the plans have access to only mobile Netflix while having accessibility over one device only.

How to activate a free OTT subscription

Disney+ Hotstar activation

To activate Disney+ Hotstar subscriptions, users need to use the coupon code to access the platform in their MyJio account. To activate the plan, users are required to log in using their Jio mobile number.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
To avail the Netflix and Amazon subscription, users are can use the official Jio website or MyJio app on their devices. Users can access Netflix on their mobile devices only and access the platform on one device only.

OTT News In India

OTT players must pay to avail the telecom service provider’s network: COAI



OTT players must pay to avail the telecom service provider's network COAI

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has come up with the point of over-the-top contribution in creating and developing the telecom infrastructure in exchange for using telecom services.

In a letter to the telecom secretary, any entity that creates an infrastructure by investing the money to take usage charges including rent or lease charges from the users of the infrastructure.

COAI is of the opinion that government must provide a framework for the service providers to charge users for services used. It also suggested levying the “usage charge” for the traffic carried on the telecom network and added that the charge must be agreed upon mutually between the TSPs and OTT Players.

In case, if both parties do not agree on the agreement then a Licencing and Regulatory framework governs the process. It comes as a suggestion to the government to the addition of OTT communication services under the new draft Telecom Act. The core purpose of doing this is to store a level playing field. Additionally, to support MSMEs and small enterprises related to OTT, COAI also added that the limited to the total network used.

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OTT News In India

Love Today gets its OTT release Date: when and where to watch it



Love Today

Love Today has become one of the most-liked films of the year and will finally be going to get its OTT release on Netflix. The movie has faces including Pradeep Ranganathan, Ivana, Raveena Ravi, Yogi Babu, and Raadhika Sarathkumar in the leading roles. The announcement of the release was made by Netflix itself stating “Disclaimer: Exchanging phones with your partners might be injurious to your relationship. #LoveStory is coming on Netflix on the 2nd of December.

The movie is directed by Pradeep Ranganatha who made a debut with the film in the industry. Made in a budget of 5 crores and have collected around 70 crores. The movie is an adaptation of Ranganathan’s short film App(a) Lock.

The feature film Love Today follows the story of a modern-age couple whose love is put to test after they swap their smartphones for a day. The film has the story of modern love in the time of social media and also touches on the concern of cybercrime and the ill thoughts behind them.

Talking about the film, Pradeep told Film Companion that the short film only has three main characters while the feature film has several other characters as well including Pradeep’s mother, sister, and so on. He also added that having only three characters in the movie may create monotony and having these characters help in making the movie more appealing. It is not only about the main leads but rather about the emotional journey of their families.

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OTT News In India

World Archery to launch Archery+, an OTT Platform with StreamViral



Archery+ OTT Platform

World Archery is set to launch its own OTT platform named Archery+. The platform will be made in a technological partnership with StreamViral in early 2023. Archery+ will stream international archery to the territories that are not covered in the rights deals of World Archery.

The streaming content on the website will include Hyundai Archery World Cup, Hyundai World Archery Championships, qualifiers for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and other second-tier tournaments. The OTT platform will also host features, documentaries, educational content, and other exclusive content generated by World Archery.

Initially, the platform will utilize advertising and a freemium model over paid subscriptions. After the launch of the platform, World Archery will streamline its global distribution of the archery document, gain audience insights and structure an effective marketing strategy based on a direct-to-consumer model.

About StreamViral

StreamViral, a sports OTT integrator, works for providing consultancy in designing, production, marketing, and monetization. The company also works for helping sports clubs, leagues, and federations in the customization of their broadcast channel.

About World Archery

World Archery, is an international federation for the Olympic and Paralympic sport of archery. The organization also runs events including world championships in various sports and works with 150+ national member associations to develop, regulate, and promote sports worldwide.

Mr. Tom Dielen, Secretary general of World Archery said that World Archery’s onset into the streaming space is another milestone in the development of the sport. He also added that the project with StreamViral will develop a space exclusively digital space for archery content irrespective of its origin.

Isobelle Benge, co-founder, and chief technology officer of StreamViral said that the company is delighted to work with World Archery. He also added World Archery as not only a new client but also a new sport to be added to the StreamViral family.

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