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Mobavenue Media Powering OTT Subscriptions



Mobavenue Media, a platform dedicated to empowering various brands, agencies, and media publishers to drive growth and engagement and later on monetization with it has helped the leading OTT platforms to stimulate their subscriptions. 

It can be anticipated that the step has been taken in the wake of digitalization which has seen growth in OTT viewership. Digitalization has seen a quick growth over the recent couple of years. OTT viewership is increasing dramatically due to the increased internet penetration and availability of affordable mobile devices. It has changed all the scenarios and made it the choice of the viewer since it is accessible anytime and over any device. The availability of a plethora of content made it grow with the pace it is growing. It is indeed covering the audience of every genre, language, area, and industry.

With all of this, there has been a constant tussle between OTT platforms to make a difference and acquire a larger audience segment by winning the OTT subscription game. Although the process of converting the population into a customer is a complex task. Competitive pricing is one of the tools to garner more viewers and win the game of streaming. It becomes too crucial to give other players tough competition and be in the game since there is a huge rise expected in the industry.

A recent report published by Statista shows that the number of users is expected to increase to around 3,508 M by 2020. Apart from the research and studies, 5G deployment will also be one of the boosters of the OTT platforms since it will bring an extraordinary experience to the viewers. All this indicates a major shift in the entertainment world and huge business opportunities in the same. 

Mobavenue has partnered with one of the OTT platforms in India to increase its penetration in the country, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities. It has initiated to increase awareness in the targeted postal codes and cities of India.

3rd party and internal data management platforms or DMP were used to get the user bucket in these cities to get the high intent toward video streaming platforms. DMP is a software platform used for collecting and managing available data. These are unifying platforms that collect and organize the data of first, second, and third-party audiences from various available sources. This helps them to get an insight into the customer behavior and later on target the specific audience.

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