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Everything You Need To Know About D2M Technology



The Department of Telecommunications and the public service broadcaster, Prasar Bharati are unitedly exploring the sphere of technology that allows broadcasting the video and several other forms of multimedia content straight to the mobile devices without an active internet connection. The direct-to-mobile broadcasting technology promises to enhance the consumption of broadband and spectrum utilization. 


Understanding Direct-To-Mobile Broadcasting


The D2M technology is based on the convergence of broadband and broadcast. With the use of this technology, mobile devices will be able to receive terrestrial digital TV. It is more or less similar to the functionality of FM radios where the devices tap into radio frequencies. Multimedia material will be available to broadcast to mobile devices via D2M.


Uses Of D2M Technology


The D2M technology can be utilized to broadcast content concerning citizen-centric information. The technology will help counter the fake news, offering emergency disaster management assistance, and issuing emergency alerts. It can also be useful in broadcasting news and live sports on mobile devices.


Significance Of The Technology


With the use of D2M technology, consumers will be able to access multimedia content without the fear of exhausting their mobile data. Moreover, the services will be provided at a nominal rate therefore access to the platform will increase in even the rural areas. This will somewhere help in filling the gap between rural and urban areas. Apart from this, the technology will enhance the usage of the mobile spectrum, therefore, reducing the call drops and fastening the data speed. 


Key Challenges For The Technology


The major issue while launching this technology is to bring key players together which include mobile operators and others on board to launch on a bigger scale. On the other hand, the mass rollout of the technology will entail some regulatory changes and several changes in the infrastructure.


Initiative By The Indian Government


The Indian government has taken a step further by setting up a committee to understand the feasibility of the band in to order broadcast various services directly to the mobile phones. 


The finest possibilities are waiting to get a more technologically advanced nation that will deliver content not only via the internet but also with no use of it or limited use of it. It will be an immersing experience to use and get benefitted from the technology.


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