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Infovista enables operators to test the user experience of OTT video, voice, and interactive 5G apps and services



A global leader in network lifecycle automation (NLA), Infovista has launched a testing solution for user experience for both OTT applications and interactive 5G services.

By combining a number of generic testing techniques, emulation of real live service traffic patterns, and various machine learning (ML) algorithms, Infovista enables mobile operators to test their networks and the user experience of OTT or native applications and services running over them.

Its user experience testing portfolio includes sQLEAR, testing solutions for OTT video streaming services, OTT voice services, voice quality testing solution, and other interactive services such as e-gaming, video conferencing, and remote drone control.

Infovista’s recent generic framework for testing solves the key challenge of testing OTT media such as how to log in, the layout, and behavior. All these can differ between platforms, countries, networks, and even devices.


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